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Prince Harry could be cut out of King Charles III’s will as he battles cancer

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Prince Harry could become further estranged from the British Royal Family as there are reports emerging that King Charles III, his father, could cut the Duke of Sussex out of the will as he battles undisclosed cancer.

King Charles III, who ascended to the throne in September 2022, is aged 75 and is already fighting the condition that kills millions per year so he could be preparing for when his time on the throne comes to an end.

Meghan Markle can’t stop Prince Harry from looking and helping in a public appearance

That would be in the form of a will, which is a legal document defining and outlining the wishes of a deceased person, which would be absolutely critical considering the bad blood between his sons, Prince William and Prince Harry.

It’s unclear if the King would hire an attorney to carry out and mediate the will, but it might not even matter in the end as he could not even put Harry on the paper despite them meeting just a couple of months ago as his son rushed home following the cancer diagnosis.

The meeting between the pair was described as tense and cordial, and only lasted half an hour although the King was “touched” that Harry made such an effort so suddenly to make sure his father was okay.

Is someone talking in Charles’ ear?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s exits ruffled a few feathers on their way out of Buckingham Palace in 2020, but few more than Prince William‘s but he isn’t the only one who took Meghxit personally.

The future King has always had a rivalry with his younger brother but that has escalated into a full blown feud into their 40’s and now they’re refusing to talk to each other, nor are they even willing to do so – particularly on William‘s front.

He is refusing to allow the Duke and Dutchess of Sussex back into the royal fold and thus could he be the one pulling the ear of the King? A few sources think so.

Camilla and William are urging him not to [leave Harry any royal inheritance],” a source said to RadarOnline.com. “They see the Sussexes as greedy fame-seekers who can’t be trusted.”

Another source said, “William is committed to protecting the monarchy at all costs, even if that means disassociating from his brother.”

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